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ScummVM Amiga Homepage (ANF)

Game: WarpSDL Library v0.3 for WarpSCUMM
Adam Waldenberg released version 0.3 of WarpSDL.library for AmigaOS 68k/PPC (WOS).

This version fixes some issues in WarpSCUMM. Chances in detail:

  • Reworked some bits and split up the code into more functions.
  • Fixed two OS related issues reported by PatchWorks.
  • Fixed a tiny memory leak.
  • Subtask signaling tweaked and modified to work better.
  • Priorities are now set correctly for WarpOS mirror-subtasks also.
WarpSCUMM is an Amiga port of ScummVM. With ScumVM you can play LucasArts-adventures like Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. The port uses the new WarpSDL.library with CyberGFX and AHI support.

Additional information about ScummVM is available here.

Download: WarpSDL_0.3usr.lha

Additional information about ScummVM - Amiga Ports. (ps)

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