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ScummVM Website (ANF)

Game: New MorphOS-Version of ScummVM 0.1.0
Rüdiger Hanke:
In the interpreter itself, not much has happened - 'cept first support for some older games (including the 256 color (sic) Zak McKracken). It's not even remotely enough, though, to even consider playing through a few rooms.

But I have changed two issues about the MorphOS part:

  • The "original" mouse pointer reappears when mouse is moved outside the window, so you don't have to click blindly somewhere to know where your mouse is ;-)
  • Timing has been fixed a bit, so CPU load should decrease and the mouse pointer movements will be less abrupt. It's not perfect, but next version (see below) will have much improved timing handling.
These things have been taken from the new MorphOS driver and not been extensively tested to work in the old one (although I don't see a reason why they shouldn't), so I compiled it into the CVS snap. It's difficult to put anything more into the old driver because the new one is so much different.

Which leads me to a much nicer issue, that being the new MorphOS driver which has been rewritten from the scratch (yet once more ;-)) and is now really really cute :-)) Also, it does contain music support now (phew! that was quite some work ...). It'll need some horsepower, though. Best get a G3 Pegasos to fully enjoy it ;-)

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