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Markus Lunk (E-Mail)

Video: SoftCinema V0.17
On 24 February 2002 Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz released version 0.17 of the video player 'SoftCinema'. This version can be downloaded from and

Here are the most important modifications:
  • A lot of bugfixes. Most of them concern P96 support, GUI and parsing of AVI data files.
  • Optimization of AC3-, divx;)- and OpenDivx decoders.
  • Support of the ISO-MPEG-4-Codec.
  • Subtitles.
All modifications are listed on the homepage and in the documentation.

Please note: Starting from this release, Jacek doesn't work on SoftCinema any longer, so Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz has taken over the further development of SoftCinema.

Any suggestions, bugreports etc. can be sent to (sd) (Translation: sr)

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