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Rudolph Riedel (E-Mail)

File manager: DiskMaster 2.5RC2
Rudolph Riedel has published version 2.5RC2 of DM2 and version 1.99. Changes in short:

2.5RC2 (02-02-24) 72852 Bytes

  • New arguments for 'Font': DIRWIN, MENU, REQTEXT, REQBUTTONS and DIRGAD
  • Added font args ("F" & "FS") to NewScreen.
  • Replaced arrow-gadget's vector drawings with BOOPSI images.
  • Special thanks to Mario Roberto Gruber for providing some example code that made things a bit clearer!
  • Added simple but speed-adaptive copy-progress display.
  • Various smaller improvements and fixes

Download site (ps)

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