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Audio: Overclocking Delfina Lite with DelfTweak
If you are seeking for more processing power for your Delfina Lite sound card and you are not confident of ripping some of the components off the board and replacing them with others, DelfTweak offers you an excellent alternative: it can overclock Delfina by software means and gain more than enough processing power to encode and listen to MP3 files.

Some features:

  • capable of changing Delfina Lite's internal clock speed
  • displays external and internal clock frequences and DSP frequency ratio
  • supports any external clock (crystal) frequence in addition to standard 4 MHz external clock
  • available frequency range with standard Delfina Lite: 4 MHz - 16.4 GHz!
Download: DelfTweak.lha (91 KB) - DelfTweak.readme (ps)

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