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Costel Mincea (E-Mail)

Remedy Systems supporting AMIGA - AmiDynDNS Version 0.9
Costel Mincea is happy to announce that the Remedy Systems OHG will support the Amiga from now on. Remedy Systems is a quite young software and web design company and decided to develope software for the Amiga, too.

First there will be little but useful tools released. The DynDNS client ´AmiDynDNS´ was the first one and is available in version 0.9 at the download section. More sophisticated applications are scheduled.

DynDNS Client AmiDynDNS v0.9
AmiDynDNS is a command line based client or the service. The new version fixes some bugs and implements many new functions.

  • Complete DynDNS support (DynDNS, StatDNS, CustomDNS, and all options).
  • SMC barricade router support (IP directly from DSL router).
  • New config file format (optional), to take all the new options.
  • Local IP addresses are scanned now.
  • Current hosts will not be updated again (prevents hosts from being locked by DynDNS).
Of course AmiDynDNS still offers the "old" functions like optional web based IP recognition or the optional log file. More information can be found under the title link or from the AmigaGuide coming with the archive.

Costel Mincea: "For the rest I would like to apologize to those, who wanted to use v0.82 and had to take some crashes due to my inattention. Sorry!" (ps) (Translation: mj)

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