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Cj-Stroker (ANF)

Amiforce: Amiblitz section and new forum
As promised life has been breathed into the Amiblitz section on Amiforce. From now on is the manual for Blitz2 in German available as HTML version for online reading or ready for download as offline variant.

Furthermore has a new forum been installed. There's a poll in the Amiblitz area regarding this topic. The forum can be used as a place to go for Amiblitz programmers and for people who want to become programmers.

Further planned contents of the section:

  • Complete users and reference manual in German.
  • Tutorials and courses.
  • An own distribution.
  • Example source codes and much more.
This will take some time. So it's clear that not all can appear at once. The main goal of Amiforce is to make Amiblitz more popular again. With the release of the documentation should also beginners succeed in learning this language. The first step is made. All interested are kindly invited. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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