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Amiga Expo

Event: Amiga Expo - Extreme Computing Annouce Amiga X1200
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Extreme Computing Announce Amiga X1200

Amiga Expo and Extreme Computing are pleased to bring you the following press release. Please make plans now to visit Amiga Expo on March 29th-31st at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn in Maryland where you will see all the latest developments including those from our friends at Extreme Computing!

Extreme Computing (a branch of Extreme Corporation) began reseach and development of new Amiga-based products in the Spring of 1999. With the announcement of the Amiga x86 solution in the Summer of 2001, we began working overtime to come up with new designs of x86-based hardware that would be powerful, functional, compelling, upgradable, and above all else - Amiga and AmigaDE compliant!

The results have far exceeded our expectations. Our new line of x86 based Amiga hardware will ultimately usher in new levels in design and performance for the Amiga consumer computing experience. The main goal was to give the consumers back a true Amiga system. One where you can take it right out of the box and boot up to an Amiga screen without any hassles or unnecessary complexity.

One of our guiding concepts was to combine classic designs with modern technology - thus bringing you the Amiga X1200 computer system. This system offers the design and compactness of the original Commodore Amiga A1200, but with all new, and blazingly fast, hardware under the hood. The Amiga X1200 is the ideal replacement, or addition, to your Amiga computing needs.

The Amiga X1200 isn't the only exciting new hardware we have coming. Extreme Corporation will have several MORE innovative and powerful Amiga solutions on display at their booth at Amiga Expo. All of these designs are will be shipping with Amiga OS x86(3.9) pre-installed and will come with a full copy of Nova Design, Inc.'s ImageFX 3.2 on CDROM. As a special show bonus, all orders placed at Amiga Expo will also come with FREE SHIPPING.

Extreme Corporation (Formerly Amitech Electronics) was founded by Amiga Enthusiasts to assist in providing Amiga Owners with useful tools and information for an ever growing computing experience.

Nova Design, Inc. are the creators of Aladdin 4D and ImageFX - the Amiga's most consistently top-rated image editing and special effects package and are the hosts of Amiga Expo. See us all at the show!

For more information on other exhibits and information about Amiga Expo visit our web site at and sign up today! Don't forget to get your hotel rooms and banquet tickets! You can order everything online or by toll free number as shown on the web site. (ps)

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