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Amiga Future

Paint program: PerfectPaint version 2.82
For the paint program PerfectPaint by Georges Halvadjian has been released an update to version 2.82. Required is the installation of the version 2.8. The update contains the following changes:
  • New tooltype 'PICASSO96'.
    Use this tooltype if you have problem while displaying brush or text in zoom window. PfPaint will disable the cybergraphics command scalepixelarray_.
  • Improve Palette requester and gradient effect when you are using Voodoo and picasso96.
  • Fixed a nasty bug with picture <16 pixels.
  • New arexx commands:
    • PP_Verbose 0 or 1 (will enable or disable security requester).
    • pp_group N x y w h stat (will draw box on requester).
  • Improve pp_GetLocale.
  • Improve Bridge tool, more security, improve tvpaint host, new host tvpaint_layer (by PixelArt).
  • Improve Opacity mapping.
  • TVPaint's user request: Density mapping can be use as drawing effect.
  • Improve Undo-Redo.
  • Fix bug with undo and some effect.
  • Update and PerfectPaint.ct.

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