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aNTibikE (E-Mail)

Game: ScummVM CVS Update
Rüdiger Hanke has released a new CVS-snapshot of ScummVM for MorphOS, a program which interprets data files of classic LucasArts adventures, allowing the game to be played on the Amiga. New in this version:

  • "The Secret of Monkey Island" is 100% functional.
  • "Indy 4" can be completed. The "necklace bug" was eliminated.
  • The copy-protection used by "Day of the Tentacle" was overcome, and now the game may be played to the end.
  • Progress was made in supporting "Sam & Max," which is now playable through Bumpusville. Just don't look at the dragon heart and don't switch off the alarm
  • The format for save-games has been changed, so best to start the adventure from scratch.
Download: ScummVM-CVS.lzx (ps) (Translation: dm)

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