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Hans-Jörg and Thomas Frieden withdraw from public discussions
Hans-Jörg and Thomas Frieden from Hyperion have decided to not take part anymore in public discussions on mailing lists, newsgroups and forums and have unsubscribed from all lists. This counts from now on.

For questions and discussions on personal basis, though, they are still at your disposal.

Here's the complete message in English in which they explain their move:
Recent events have given me the impression that it has become impossible in the Amiga community to speak up in self-defence without someone taking offence in it. Thomas and me have therefore decided (in in fact already did so) to unsubscribe from all amiga-related public mailing lists, newsgroups and web forums, and we have deleted all our Amiga bookmarks.

Work on our projects will not be affected by this. OS 4 will still be developed in the same way it used to be. We're just pulling out of the public.

I'm sorry we have to take such drastic measures, but it simply doesn't work otherwise anymore. You can still contact us personally, we're open for discussion, but no longer in public. Fact is that everything we say will end up on some web page or forum, being dissected to death and commented with all sort of nice wording, so the best solution is obviously to say nothing at all.

Thanks for reading this.

Best regards,
Hans-Joerg Frieden
Senior Software Developer, Hyperion Entertainment
Web: (ps) (Translation: wk)

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