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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: VirusZ III version 0.98
Georg Hoermann has made an update of VirusZ III, and the bugfixed update is now available for download at our homepage. Here is some info about the update:

Name: VirusZ III v0.98
Archive name : VirusZ.lha
Archive size : 54.288
Date : 9 March 2002
Programmer : Georg Hoermann
Requires : OS 2.04+, xvs.library

News in VirusZ III v0.98:

  • Fixed bug in vector check kickmem brain that caused all patches to be recognized as 'AmigaOS ROM Update'. Sorry for that!
  • Designed a new display format for the vector check. This one looks better and is more informative than the old one.
  • Added brain for kicktags to the vector check. This one currently only recognizes 'AmigaOS ROM Update' and 'ramdrive.device'.
  • Added the 'Snapshot' function to the vector check (as I promised). Now you can snapshot every unknown patch that causes alerts on your Amiga and send me the results. This makes it possible for me to even add patches that I cannot install on my computer. Read the manual for detailed information!
  • Added recognition for ppc.library v46.37 to the vector check. Thanks to Jean-Michel Chapron for the handmade snapshots.
  • Added disassembler mode to Memory Monitor. This should help experienced users/programmers to analyse unknown vector patches.
Download shortcut to VirusZ III: (ps)

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