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Videoplayer: SoftCinema Version 0.18
Version 0.18 of the movie- and animationplayer SoftCinema of Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz released. It is shareware and can be registered via RegNet.
The main changes in the latest version:
  • Fixed avi palette handling. (bug introduced in 0.17)
  • Optimizations in OpenDivx decoder.
  • DivX 5.0 codec supported.
  • Angel Potion codec supported.
  • Added support for several different motion jpegs codecs.
  • Few bugfixes in AVI parser.
  • Introduced external plugins, only few converted to new API so far.
  • Crash when NOVIDEO option was used. Fixed.
Suggestions and bugreports send to softcinema@frogger.rules p .pl.

Download: (ps) (Translation: gf)

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