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Amigabest / Patrick Jung (ANF)

Amithlon TV card-software v0.9 beta-version
Under the title link (section: news) you can find the new beta version 0.9 of the tv-card driver for Amithlon of Michael Ulbrich which is meant for all tv- and radio-cards with BT8xx.

As always the software is in an early beta phase and the GUI is still provisional. At the moment it is interesting if the tv-card is recognized. Definitively the following ones should work:

  • WinTV PCI/FM - picture, tuning, stereo/2-channel-sound, radio, ext. Video/S-Video-In with sound.
  • WinTV Go - picture, tuning, tv-sound.
  • Medion (ALDI) last version - picture, tuning, stereo/2-channel-sound, Radio, ext. Video/S-Video with sound.
  • miro PCITV picture, tuning, ext. Video, sound.
Further cards could partly work. They will be added if the information are available. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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