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Darek Dulian (E-Mail)

Elbox: Mediator UP 3.0
The MediatorUP 3.0 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users has been made available today.

The update includes the latest version of the driver for the Voodoo card family:
- Voodoo.card ver. 2.14

The new driver includes the workaround to the P96 system to prevent graphic corruption when graphic card memory overflow occurs.

The update includes a new version of the S3 ViRGE driver:
- Virge.card ver. 1.6

The blitter function, which is responsible for displaying text, has been slowed down to prevent lockups in some S3 ViRGE chipsets. (ps)

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