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20.May 2002
Thomas Igracki (ANF)

Tool: FSwatcher Version 1.4
There is an update of FSwatcher available. FSwatcher (FileSizeWatcher) lets you monitor the size of any given file. It can be used to check how many bytes of a download are already downloaded (for example Audiogalaxy).

Download: FSwatcher.lzx

Version 1.4 (19.05.02):
CHG: Changed the gauge format a little bit
("bps: xxx" to "xxx b/s"

NEW: Extended the both time values to display
also the hours (noticed while downloading
the pegasos video with wget;-)

CHG: Removed shell arg KB=ShowKilobytes/T,
its replaced by 'SizeMode'

NEW: New shell arg SM=SizeMode
It can be set to "KB" or "MB", to display
the current size and the filesize in Kilobytes
(divided by 1024!) or MegaBytes (divided by
1024*1024, with 3 numbers after the comma).
If its set to a different string, "bytes"
are used.

NEW: New shell arg Com=Command
This command will be executed if you press
the "!" button!          You can use it f.e.
to play the currently downloading mp3 song!
Default is "s:FSwatcher.bat".
The 's' and/or 'x' bit have to be set, if
the command is a shell-script!

NEW: New shell arg ComCon=CommandConsole
This is used to specify a console window
where the output of the command is send to.
Default: CON:210/400/500/120/FSwatcher
action command/CLOSE. If you don't want a
window, use "ComCon = NIL:" w/o the quotes.

CHG: Removed the initialPattern (#?.mp3) from the
asl-req, cause every file could be downloaded,
not just .mp3s.
(ps) (Translation: sk)

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