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21.May 2002
DBPro Community (ANF)

Digibooster Professional stands before further development, if...
Unfortunately it was a long time ago, that there was a new DigiboosterPro version. In the meantime the Community is again in contact with the programmers.

In order to be able to give an overview of the current user number to the developers of DigiboosterPro, we started an inquiry. This inquiry is extremely important for the future of Digibooster Professional! Please participate, and contribute you also to the fact that the development continues!

Due to the fact that some users had questions about DBPro, here some hints:

  • Digibooster Professional is one of the best tracker programs for Amiga.
  • DBPro and an additional AddOn-CD can be purchased from ACP&TCP. ACP&TCP is the wordwide distributor.
  • For any question about DBPro please contact the Community in our own forum.

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