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22.May 2002

Sequencer: BarsnPipes Version 1.13
On the homepage of Alfred Faust (title link) there is the improved version 1.13 of the sequencer program BarsnPipes.

The source code of BarsnPipes has been released on 25th of May 2001 by Todor Fay. Since Alfred Faust has continued developing this program it became freeware.

These are the improvements:

  • Screenmode requester
  • GadTools-gui
  • You can use most of the requester with the help of the keyboard.
  • CAMD-library
  • New 32-colour-design
  • Localisation (German catalog included)
  • and much more
Please read if you want to have a closer look at the changes.

Since version 1.10 this program is also useable for users of Amithlon (earlier this did not worked because of the "old" screen pop-up).

Download: BnP1_13.lha (ps)

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