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valwit (ANF)

Video-Player: Frogger Version 2.0 Beta (Update)
It's been a while since last Frogger release, but I believe it was worth waiting ;) Version 2.0 has been basically written from scratch, and can now play, besides mpeg and str movies, also avi (Windows Media), qt (Quicktime), rm (RealMedia), asf/wmv (Advanced Streaming Format) and roq (ID games movie format) files. See features to learn more about what this baby can do for you. You can download version for PPC (PowerUP, WarpUP and MorphOS) as well as 68k version here. Most of audio/video codecs are now distributed as external plugins, so remember to download codecs, either ppc or 68k, depending on what version you prefer.

Please note, that this release should be considered as beta, with lot of things still missing, and with lot of bugs (some known, check included documentation for more info, and some still waiting to be discovered...) Now enjoy.

Alternative to the title link you can use also this mirror:

SVQ1 codec update.
An update to svq1 decoder is available at download page. This update fixes decoding video with width not 16 pixels aligned. Also, GRAY only decoding is now enabled. Source code archive with updated sources available as well. Last, but not least, there is missing frogger.iff image at download page. (ps)

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