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Achim Stegemann (ANF)

PD game announcement at the AFP party
From October the 4th to the 6th 2002 there will be held the party by the "Amiga-Freunde Pfalz" in Mutterstadt, Germany. Along with the presentation of the latest version of the astronomy program "Digital Almanac III" there will be something completely new: The introduction of a new chess program for Amiga, named "AmiChessNG".

Recent specifications of the chess program:
  • requires OS 3.5+, MC68020 and some MB RAM
  • nice and functional MUI interface.
  • based on GNUChess 5.04 (newest version).
  • changeable figure design using skins.
  • figure control with drag&drop.
  • load and save the games or configurations in PGN or EPD format (standard format).
  • adjustment of the game strength by deepness of the search (measured by moves) or by time (seconds per move).
  • huge library from start on (about 11 MB of data!). This library can manually be extended.
  • Undo of a move.
  • a commented list of best moves which can be disabled.
Some features are still missing (PPC support?, 3D GL Output). Assumed game strength (CPU power dependent) in points:
MC68060/50: >1900
Amithlon 800 Mhz: ca. 2100-2200

The game will be uploaded to the Aminet after the party. It is freeware and will be published with source code. Latest screen shots are to find with the title link. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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