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GetBoinged-Redaktion (ANF)

Announcement: new online magazine - GetBoinged
There had been a change at the head of the AMIGA online magazine "NoCover". With a new chief editor and new ideas we want to look into a better future. For this several preparations had taken place so that our plan can be put into effect.

The first step was the name change from "NoCover" into "GetBoinged". The second step will follow in the next few days when our official homepage will go online under "". All further details can be read then there.

With the "GetBoinged" magazine we want to go another way than other AMIGA online magazines, here at "GetBoinged" you'll only read facts and nothing else that may possibly be released someday in the future. Furthermore we refer to already existing and usable hardware. There will definitely be no reports about the alternative operating system MorphOS.

Because only a small number of users is participating we'll only come up with specially chosen rubrics to offer a quite filled magazine despite this.

Point: new users
To secure our surviving you will be able to receive the "GetBoinged" magazine not only via the Aminet or various AMIGA CD-ROMs. Owners and buyers of Windows systems will be pleased as our magazine will be placed on several CD-ROMs of "Windows" magazines, too. The CD-ROM subscription of the "GetBoinged" respectively the once "NoCover" will be discontinued because of this step.

With kind regards,
Your "GetBoinged" editorial staff
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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