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Petra Struck

Innovation at
With the beginning of this month is Sven Drieling not anymore at our services for news and commentation as after 3½ years full of work for he now wants to attend to his own projects again. For possible problems with the scripts Sven remains, though :). Very special thanks to Sven for the work he had done.

Up to now Sven had done the Sunday news and had helped in managing the forum and the comments. Besides that he lent a helping hand in cases when I had no time. We have internally discussed several possibilities how to fill this gap respectively how to solve the problem as I really can't and don't like to give up my free Sunday.

On Sundays and public holidays only ANF news
So to take the load off all (the translators, too) a little bit we came to the conclusion that from now on there will be no news investigation and no entering of news from our side on Sundays and public holidays but only releasing news that were entered into the ANF. That means that also news that are sent to us via email will not be released until the next working day.

Help of any kind wanted
On this occasion we'd like to remember our readers that is a news site from users for users meaning we have to rely on help. Your help could be for example that you enter news that are coming across your way while surfing into the ANF or you enter a good web site you encounter into the ALD. A good help would also be the arranging of payed advertisement banners as these are the basis of the financing of

Another possibility to work actively on is the creation of articles of all kind, for example workshops, experience reports, previews, reviews, exhibition reports and everything else that could interest our readers. The help in translating is also everytime very welcome.

Further suggestions?
We are very interested to hear your suggestions how we could improve and are eagerly awaiting your hints and proposals. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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