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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

AmigaOS-Game: BoulderDäsh RTX V5.12 - Rockford is back!
BoulderDäsh is an Amiga conversion of the good old BoulderDash on the C64. With now more than 10000 (ten thousand) levels in more than 400 game files should BoulderDäsh offer a long term gaming fun. If this is not enough for people they can create own levels and games with the level editor.

Compared to the version v5.11 supports v5.12 now also both C64 #?.GAM formats. Next to some small improvements contains this version approximately 5000 additional levels. The new version of BoulderDäsh RTX has already been uploaded and should appear on Aminet in the next days.

Here once again the updated feature list:

BoulderDäsh V5.12
  • 1:1 BoulderDäsh clone
  • Full speed under MC68000 Amigas with AGA, ECS or OCS
  • Full graphic board support! Up to 256 Colors (depends on graphic set)
  • Full sound card support (AHI)!
  • System friendly! Can be paused and resumed at any time.
  • requires OS 2.04 or higher
  • Commodore styleguide conform
  • Locale
  • Great GUI
  • Online Help
  • many preferences windows
  • Up to six players
  • New game elements
  • Unique record and play feature to show others how you solved the caves.
  • Internal music player with playlist
  • Optional full screen mode when running in RTG mode.
  • >10000 Levels
  • 35 graphic sets
  • 6 character sets
  • 5 sample sets
  • Several hiscorelists for each game (game, level and level time records)
  • Level and game editor
  • Supports C64 and Atari Construction Kit Level and game files.
  • Levels up to 100 * 100 blocks
  • Special gravitation modes
  • Create your personal game graphics
  • Create your personal sample sets
  • Create your personal game music
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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