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New Aminet uploads as per 13th April 2003
These are the Aminet uploads that have been added since our last update:
AB2MLMae-Mai02.lha   biz/cloan   52K+ABlitzML archiv only in german
cddbfreedb.lha       comm/tcp     6K+Cddb.library dropin replacement using fr
ChestnutHill.lha     docs/misc  110K+The Chestnut Hill Caper, by John Barnard
MaritimeAdv.lha      docs/misc  109K+Maritime Adventure, by John Barnard
bouldercaves.lha     game/jump  472K+V5.12, BoulderDaesh RTX Caves Archive
boulderdaesh.lha     game/jump  856K+V5.12, BoulderDaesh RTX Main Archive
boulderfull.lha      game/jump  4.5M+V5.12, BoulderDaesh RTX Full Archive
bouldergames.lha     game/jump  2.9M+V5.12, BoulderDaesh RTX Games Archive
imdbDiff030404.lha   misc/imdb  3.5M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
EDG-NapalmiRMX.mpg   mods/mpg   4.6M+Remixed EDG-Napalmi Kuolema
viruscommands.lha    mus/midi   108K+Access Virus commands for tracks&fields 
XG_EditIMG.lha       mus/midi    24K+New Images for mus/midi/XG_Edit 
Artworks030218.lha   pix/wfm     14M+Artworks Issue from February 18, 2003
(ps) (Translation: cb)

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