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AmigaWorld (ANF)

Weekly Q&A's with Fleecy Moss - episode 5
The English online magazine AmigaWorld has published episode 5 of the regular questions and answers session with Fleecy Moss, CTO at AMIGA, Inc. (Update 2012-03-17, cg: as the original document is no longer available, the following content was moved into our database):

1) ssolie: The webmaster at recently proclaimed that your Q&A sessions are not news worthy and will no longer post them as news. Many others agree and also believe this to be so. What do you think about such criticism and how it reflects on the current state of the Amiga community.

Fleecy: There is an old saying that 'Editors make the news'. What this means is that those who control the channels which diseminate the news, such as newspapers, magazines, radio stations and websites are the ones who 'decide' what is news by the content they chose to make available. They make this decision based upon their own philosophies, prejudices and agendas. One person's news is another person's propoganda is another person's free advertising.

I answer the questions because a news site, Amigaworld, choses to send them. I certainly don't insist that they are news.

The power of a community is that politics and philosophies reverberate through it to make it a living, breathing, arguing whole. That is what I see. Some are angry, some are annoyed, some are happy, some have hidden agendas. Events shape it. Editors try to shape it themselves by deciding what they report. If people decide that it is news and the editor doesn't then those people will move between sites. The power of the Internet is that there no longer has to be just one version of 'the truth'.

2) Jose: Dont' you think that the possibility of having Microsoft apps on AmigaOS would be a contradiction, technologywise, and from the users that still have fond memory of AmigaOS point of view, not to mention what we know of the commmunity.

Fleecy: Users want functionality and they indicate that by either buying or not buying the product. Ideological hatred of an entity is a juvenile approach to life and has probably caused, and continues to cause more suffering in this world than probably any other single issue.

3) pig : I bought both a Party Pack, and a club membership... Do I need to buy 2 Amigaone's to get my refunds, or can I get them both on the purchase of 1? ie: Can I combine these two offers into the same machine? What if I got 2 membership coupons, will I get full refund if I get one machine?

Fleecy: I am not the right person to answer that questions. I will see if I can get an answer and post it back as an addendum to a future Q&A.

Updated: If you bought x party packs and y club memberships then you can apply x+y rebates against one or more AmigaOnes. Basically you can mix and match the rebates as you like upto the value of the products that you purchase.

4) LaBodilsen: Is Amiga currently investigating into any wireless technology, be it Wifi (802.11b), bluetooth, IrDa etc. with regards to PDA integration for AmigaOS. And is there any plans of making a Syncronization suite with some well known PDA operating system, to syncronize information between the PDA and Amiga Aps. Or just simple file transfer.

Fleecy: As I said in an earlier question set, we intend to excel in the 90% of what users want to do with a computer and connectivity of any kind is pretty high on that list so yes, we are investigating and designing to take connectivity into account and hope to support at least WiFi in the near future. As for PDA connectivity, we will not look at it too close until the DE is brought into the OS but that is a third party opportunity in the meantime.

5) Derfs: are the party pack owners going to be given free upgrades to the latest SDK when 1.3/4 is released to the general developer public?

Fleecy: Another one I'll have to get back to you on. I don't decide sales and marketing policy.

Update: Anyone has has an officially registered copy of the SDK 1, which means an AD developer number and an appropriately mmarked AmiPASS will receive a few copy of SDK 2.0 to download or an at cost copy for a physical SKU (cost of product plus postage and packing).

6) Loki1: Will important AmigaOS4 information become exclusively available to Amiga Club members?

Fleecy: Why on earth would that be done? Surely it's in our interest to provide as much information as possible to as wide an audience as possible about our upcoming flagship product. Club Amiga is for those who want to be more involved and get more detailed information about the Amiga community and acts as a focus for bringing that community together, with features on user groups, dealers, Amigans, general technology topics that affect Amiga and with some more detailed articles on AmigaOS4.0 development. This is information of interest although I wouldn't say that it is important, not important as in terms of progress and release. We have started posting this articles of interest as we always said we would.

7) Treke: Does Amiga Inc have any plans for moving a desktop OS to machines based on IBM PPC 970 ?

Fleecy: We are always looking at new options for the AmigaOS and this is indeed an interesting one.

8) ikir: Will there be a bundled game with OS4, like SIN? Any bundled applications?

Fleecy: We do not bundle full applications because it can skew a market, favour one developer over another in a competitive market space, and fails to provide the developer with the full potential of that product. It is more often a cheap gimmick to fill out the lack of functionality in the core product. We have talked extensively with developers and they are happier to provide lite versions of their applications in a contributions drawer on the AmigaOS4.0 CD, allowing users to look at a variety of applications, get a good feel for them and then proceed to make a purchase based upon their experience.

9) Dan: Who has the IP and copyright of the orginal Amigas and their chipsets Amiga Inc or Gateway? And if some thirdparty company was intrested in building a AGA-compatibility card for the AmigaOne the sameway the Catweaselcard provides diskdrive-compatibility for AmigaOne would it be possible for them to license the AGAchipset design?

Fleecy: I would have to check the exact details but if someone is interested in such a product they can contact me as a first step.

10) Jose: Will the people that developed for Classic AmigaOS still be at ease with Amiga Generation2 technology?, Will there be things that will remain the same ?

Fleecy: It will be recognisable as an Amiga system to them. You should see the uproar on the OS4 team list when someone suggests adding something that is from Unixland. The screams are that 'this is an Amiga, not another Unix clone'.

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