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Eule (from the heise Newsticker) (ANF)

New security concept at OpenBSD
OpenBSD is one of the UN!XE which is ported for the Amiga 68k, too. In contrast to NetBSD or Linux, OpenBSD is pay attached to the safety for server tasks. So there is practically only one distribution where introduction of new drivers, services or performance, is staying behind. For it security concepts have precedence. The default setting of OpenBSD applies as very safe. In contrast to other systems, OpenBSD has ran only one safety gap in the default setting and the distribution.

This operating system is now equipped with an extra safety against Buffer Overflows. The Buffer Overflow is an invader who is able to write data on the stacks at services who don`t control insert data well enough.

By the return out of the subroutine the stack-contents are interpreted as the return jump address. So the invader could be able to perform a code of his choice on the system. A change in the C-compiler of OpenBSD see to it that the stack-contents out of the subroutines is controlled before return. By a few architectures the MMU is used for extra controlling in the data area. So safety gaps from services, which were programmed wrong of third suppliers (f.e. SAMBA), are avoided.

You can get OpenBSD via FTP, but there I only found the predecessor version for the Amiga.

cu (AC-)Eule

Please read the heise-article under the title link (ps) (Translation: gf)

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