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Software-News in short (01.07.2003)
The picture viewer PhotoView is released in version 0.94 and can be downloaded for free from the website of the developer Alessandro Braccini .

After the new Build-GCC-Version 3.41 of the webbrowser AWeb was online and many bugfixes were sentin, the developers had taken the file offline. If a stable version is available we will report it to you.

A project for the Open-Source-based Newsgroups-Client NewsCoaster is available at Sourceforge. There you will find the latest Binary- and Source-Code-Releases.

ptplay3 is relased in version 1.0. ptplay is a CLI based Protracker player not depending on the custom chips and was written from the ground to emulate Protracker 2.3a software sided. The mixing is managed internally and is send to a singla AHI output channel.

Block, now available in version 2.02, combines and splits files. The tool is available for 68k-AmigaOS and MorphOS.

Also findmos, latest version 1.0, is coded by Christian Rosentreter: The very small shelltool (only 200 Bytes) is used to detect MorphOS and is needful for Shell-/Install-scripts. An example script is contained in the archive.

The latest version 0.21 from 29.6.2003 of the programming environment PowerD is available at the download area at the website.

PageStream for Linux
For Linux is a third beta version of the DTP software PageStream released. User buying a copy of the Linux version getting full access to all versions (beta and final relases). Users taking part in testing phase are getting TextFX for Linux for free.

The VDisk.device is released in version 3.7 and provides you a driver for a restorable RAM disk. (nba) (Translation: gf)

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