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Aminet Uploads until December the 10th 2003
These are the latest Aminet uploads since our last report:
IBrowseSP.lha        comm/www    17K+IBrowse 2.x spanish catalogs v2.3.1e
PluginDemo.lha       dev/c       11K+V1.1 plugin demo using LoadSeg
Annotate.lha         dev/cross   44K+Comments/reformats DASMX 2650 cross-disa
insomnia092.lha      dev/e      307K+E Source Editor 0.92
insomnia093upd.lha   dev/e       81K+E Source Editor 0.93 update from 0.92
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/lists 1.7M+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 11/2003 (Itali
nocover117.lha       docs/mags  2.1M+Great german diskmagazine
RXDraughts.lha       game/board 445K+(2.3) WB Draughts game for Amiga
DC2Lvl-XmasIII.lha   game/data  398K+81 levels for Diamond Caves II
TotalChaosAGA.lha    game/misc   39M+640x512 256 colors 50fps Magic & Monster
WormWars.lha         game/misc  539K+Worm Wars 7.71: Advanced snake game
GIFsplit.lha         gfx/conv    25K+Splits GIF animations into individual GI
ADC-WinUAE.lha       hard/hack   11K+ADC For Amiga Forever 5, WinUAE, GPL.
TestGear6A.lha       hard/hack  190K+Encoder for RF engineers.
TestGear6B.lha       hard/hack  516K+WinUAE version of Encoder.
WinUAE-AFW.lha       hard/hack   69K+AF Wattmeter, for use with WinUAE-ADC.
Paradox4.mpg         mods/mpg   2.3M+Paradox Crack Tune Remaked ....
Paranoimia.mpg       mods/mpg   804K+Paranoimia Crack Tune Remaked ....
Tristartetr.mpg      mods/mpg   1.7M+Tristar Tetris Crack Tune Remaked ....
viruscommands.lha    mus/midi   111K+Access Virus commands for tracks&fields 
MrCarlitoWb-06.jpg   pix/wb     314K+First FREEWARE full PNG icons replaceman
xadmaster020.lha     util/arc   264K+V12.1a Powerful unarchiving tool (68020)
xadmaster060.lha     util/arc   264K+V12.1a Powerful unarchiving tool (68060)
IRS-GLMatrix.lha     util/blank 979K+Port of glmatrix from xscreensaver
SRename.lha          util/cli   105K+Advanced rename utility. Version 3.8.0
MathLibs881.lha      util/libs   11K+Free 68881/2 math-libraries with source,
ARxShellEngDoc.lha   util/rexx  152K+English help file (update) for ARexxShel
ARxShellV1.2a.lha    util/rexx   99K+A shell for ARexx V1.2a
mmscripts.lha        util/rexx   20K+Arexx Scripts for Logitech Keyboards
(ps) (Translation: ub)

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