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Startmenu: Pixload 4.2c Released
The new version, 4.2c, of "Pixload" has been released. PixLoad is a Startbar/Tool-Dock Clone for AmigaOS and MorphOS. German language instructions for the English and French localized software is in the program archive.

  • PowerIcon's "French touch"
  • Add some features while known devices ejection, Miamidx control panel loading, etc...
  • News icons (Better rendering with PowerIcons)
  • Removing German comments for files on FAT95 formatted devices (USB key)
  • Changes in Pixload's Prefs (luminosity background included, replacement icons by drag&drop)
  • Bugs corrected again


  • Several Pixload bars at screen (fully independance between bars)
  • Ejection of removable media closes ALL windows of THIS media
  • Contextual menu under MENU button
  • Help key loads this file
  • Drag and drop a pictures folder will load a thumbnail program (Amiga)
  • New formats : GIF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, IFF, Rexx, Text, Modules, TIFF, TARGA via datatypes
  • New formats : HTML (local file only)
  • New formats : LZX, LHA, UNZIP identified for decompression
  • Miamidx Control Panel included
  • Programs loading window
  • Clock included with RTC / DSL connection, time and date
  • Pixload is scalable
  • Help text can be displayed under icons
  • Pixload can open folders / volume instead of program
  • Shortkeys for all icons
  • Pixload's icons "organisation" by a Drag & Drop (Amiga)
  • Choice of number of icon's columns
(nba) (Translation: dm)

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