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Gunnar Bernhardt (Maintainer dt. Mirror) (ANF)

WinUAE 0.8.24 Released
Toni Wilen has released a new version of his Windows port of UAE.

Removed Bugs:
  • Undesired keyboard input while using USB keyboards under Windows 9x/ME
  • Updates of the bsdsocket emulation (TCP:, Apache)
  • The saving of a compressed "state" data without zlib1.dll resulted in data distortion
  • crashing after saving "state" data a fourth time

Newly added:
  • Multi-monitor support improved
  • Slide-bar for the speaker volume as well as corresponding keyboard shortcuts ("END"+"Numpad -", "END"+"Numpad +" und "END"+"Numpad *", as well as Multimedia keypress "Volume +/-" und "Mute")
  • Configurable emulation of the floppy noises :)
  • Improved debugger (new breakpoints, memwatch points etc.)
  • Windows XP-compatible multi-mouse support, improved input support
  • FDI 2.0 disk image format

And a few smaller updates.

WinUAE may be downloaded under the title link. A German mirror that also offers older versions of the emulator is at (cg) (Translation: dm)

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