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Steffen Nitz (ANF)

SN-EuroArchiv V1.2 available and new homepage online
The SN-EuroArchiv V1.2 is online at my new homepage which is reachable at or The Aminet upload will follow later.

At the homepage there is also information and a picture available regarding the real time economy simulation "Die Kleine Gilde II" which is still under development. The game will see its first release in about a good four weeks.

SN-EuroArchiv is a coin manager, especially for Euro coins. It manages single coins, coin sets, special or commemorative coins, coin rolls and "starterkits" in a simple way. It is possible to view the collection in tables and statistics to help to complete the collection.

Changes since version 1.1:
  • Save and print of annual table added
  • Table with number and value of the coins sorted by country (country statistics)
  • Look up possibility for the auction value of the collection within the project window
  • Nominal value count statistic added
  • Accurate numbers within the collectors value statistics
  • Problems with buttons fixed
  • manual changed to Amigaguide format and addition of history
(snx) (Translation: ub)

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