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Aminet (Website)

Aminet Uploads Through 12th Feb. 2004
Here are the new Aminet uploads since our last bulletin:
DOpusRxTrash.lha     biz/dopus   29K+Global trashcan for DOpus Magellan II
SMRMag2Theme.lha     biz/dopus  686K+Collection of data for Magellan II
Envoy3_1Update.lha   biz/patch   87K+Public Patch for Envoy 3.0
AmiDiction.lha       comm/tcp    31K+Online Dictionary
Telser_Keyfile.lha   comm/tcp     2K+Free Telser.device keyfile for everyone 
MakeHTMLMap.lha      comm/www   600K+Powerful (Web,HTML) Gallery-, Catalog-, 
Kinderegg.lha        demo/euro   41K+Kinderegg - 64K intro from Kindergarden 
Strange-Wierd.lha    demo/euro  421K+"Wierd" - A demo by Strange in 1997
TheLostPuppy4.lha    demo/euro  158K+Demo by Specter - Lost Puppy 4 
asl.lha              dev/cross  1.6M+Cross-assembler for a wide range of proc
objectbrowser.lha    dev/e       11K+Object Browser / System Debugger 0.9
obligement41.lha     docs/mags  1.9M+Obligement #41 - Magazine AmigaOS and Mo
obligement42.lha     docs/mags  2.0M+Obligement #42 - Magazine AmigaOS and Mo
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  862K+Arkanoid demo game, working in progress
WormWars.lha         game/misc  539K+Worm Wars 7.72a: Advanced snake game
BH.lha               game/shoot 283K+Beach Head C64 style game
StefADV.lha          game/text   29K+Little italian text adventure
StefADV2.lha         game/text   71K+2nd little italian text adventure
Marryampic2.lha      game/think 526K+CardSet game with sound-pairs (MorphOS)
MazezaM.lha          game/think 294K+Puzzle game, Sokoban alike (DeLuxe versi
MiniAwari.lha        game/think  50K+Ancient board game (v2.0) 
A2Zee.lha            game/wb     32K+Put the letters in the right order!
Kaleido.lha          game/wb     35K+Try to match the kaleidoscopic patterns!
ffmpeg.lha           gfx/conv   1.5M+Fast video and audio encoder
GIFsplit.lha         gfx/conv    24K+Splits GIF animations into individual GI
GS8gui.lha           gfx/conv    32K+GUI for Ghostscript8 done with rxMUI
QLView.lha           gfx/show   221K+Sinclair QL Screen viewer and iff saver.
DD2AG_0.3.lha        hard/drivr  23K+Makes Amiga Guide out of DriverDescripto
SetClockI2C.lha      hard/hack   50K+SetClock clone using I2C real time clock
softPSUoff.lha       hard/hack    7K+Turn off an ATX-PSU from the shell + ATX
imdbDiff040123.lha   misc/imdb  4.0M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
imdbDiff040130.lha   misc/imdb  3.5M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
aquarobe.lha         mus/play    29K+A skin for Prayer2 [UPDATED]
Pixload-4.3.jpg      pix/misc   132K+Pixload 4.3 preview
PgsChinese.lha       text/dtp   437K+Rudimentary IME script for PageStream
guideml.lha          text/hyper  68K+V3.3 AmigaGuide -> HTML converter with G
selector91.lha       util/batch 564K+Unique script language / launching tool
selectorUPDATE.lha   util/batch 105K+Update from Selector 9.0 to 9.1
IFF2rexx.lha         util/conv    1K+Convert IFF data to rexx source
ExtraLib.lha         util/libs  358K+Complex dynamic buffer system, and other
StartBar-ITA.lha     util/misc   88K+Italian version of StartBar
AmiMSN.lha           util/rexx    7K+(0.2) MSN Messenger client
ADFMaker.lha         util/sys    12K+GUI f r Device.handler (DEV:)
PosTitmui.lha        util/wb     19K+Reminder note for your WB
(nba) (Translation: dm)

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