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05.Mar.2004 (Website)

AmigaOS4: AHI/PPC-driver for SB128 and mixer in beta test
As reported Ross Vumbaca has published his SB128-AHI/PPC-driver for AmigaOS4. Additionally Davy Wentzler has created a mixer utility which will be integrated in the new operating system.

The following sound cards as well as chips are supported for play and record with 16 bit, stereo sound and eight to 48 khz:
  • AudioPCI97
  • Sound Blaster Vibra
  • Sound Blaster 128
  • Sound Blaster 64(V)
  • ES1371
  • ES1373
  • CT5880
  • EV1938
The mixer which can be used as Workbench-commodity allows the independent control of the input and output sources (CD, Video, Aux, Line-In and Mic-In as well as PCM and Master) of all sound cards supported by OS4. Additionally you can save and load the preferences. The support of two further cards is in work. One of them comes from the professional area. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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