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Robin (ANF)

MUIrdf - Viewer for RSS/RDF-News
Many news-sites offer its news in the form of so called RSS/RDF-Feeds (e.g. "MUIrdf" is a small ARexx script with which you can take the headlines of those news sources to the desktop.

"MUIrdf" loads these ones (with the help of wget), shows it as HTML-sites and allows you to open the news belonging to the headlines in the browser (with OpenURL).

  • MUI 3.8
  • ARexx
  • rxMUI
  • RMH Libary
  • MUI Custom Class: NList, HTMLview, BWin
  • wget
  • OpenURL
  • PIPE:

If the author uses the program wget 1.9.1 under WinUAE it causes a total break down. Because of this the next version will use the RxSocket.library if it is possible. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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