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03.Apr.2004 (website)

Event: Change of schedule for the live broadcasting from AmigGBG
The schedule for the live broadcasting by AmigaWorld Radio from the Swedish AmiGBG show today with music, interviews and round-ups has been changed.

The broadcasting takes place from 9:50 PM to 16:00 PM UK Time (GMT+1), i.e. 10:50 CEST (New York starts 4:50 AM, Sydney starts 19:50 PM).

Opening speech starts 11:00 UK Time (GMT+1) / 12:00 CEST, the first presentation starts a short while later. The schedule for the presentations is as follows:

1st Universal Space
2nd AROS
3rd Cloanto
4th Individual Computers
5th IBM
6th Eyetech
7th Competition Winners
8th Hyperion
9th Individual Computers (once again)

Additionally, Amigaworld Radio will be hosting Q&A sessions with leading Amiga people, who will be answering questions submitted via their IRC channel, #Amigaworld.

AmigaWorld Radio has the capacity for 300 listeners using two servers:
Server 1:
Server 2: (snx)

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