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Amclust (ANF)

Event: First report about the AmCluSt hardware meeting (update)
From the Amiga-Club Steinfurt (AmCluSt) comes a first report about its event that's just happening:

Since yesterday takes in Dreierwalde (near Rheine/Westfalen/Germany) the AmCluSt hardware meeting place. Already on the first day there has been great interest and happenings regarding everything that has to do with the AmigaOS.

Harald Frank presents Amithlon on his laptop and showed because of the great interest already yesterday the possibility of the multimonitoring. Besides that he had brought many hardware with him to upgrade existing Amithlon systems. Among other things he offers many G-Force4 cards priced 15+ Euros.

Axel Knabe demonstrates current software for MorphOS to interested visitors. He also offers useful hardware, not only for the Pegasos.

Guido Mersmann shows the brandnew version 1.00 of the USB driver ArakAttack and the first beta of the IRTrans driver as well as various tools for it. Known programs like BoulderDäsh, MMKeyboard, AmithlonTV are shown there, too.

Everybody who wants to have a look himself/herself has the opportunity to do so until Sunday evening.

Update: (03.04.04, 20:14, cg)

Harald Frank has gathered and commented some pictures of the event. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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