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Various software updates
Solar Rescue

"Solar Rescue" is a small shooter created with the legendary "SEUCK" ('Shoot'em Up Construction Kit').

Direct download: (346 KB)


Back-It-All-Up mirrors the content of one hard drive on another one. It supports up to eight partitions, partitions bigger than 4 GB, can use its own screen or open a window on the Workbench screen and offers a lot of features.

Direct download: backitallup98.lha (17 KB)

Worm Wars 7.82

"Worm Wars" ist a 'Tron' clone by James 'Amigan' Jacobs (screenshot). Version 7.82 introduces miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Direct download: WormWars.lha (542 KB) (cg) (Translation: cg)

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