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HD installer: WHDLoad 16.3, new packages until July, 17th
WHDLoad is a collection of tools for hard disk installations of older games via so called "Installers". Since yesterday is version 16.3 available.

Direct download:

WHDLoad (users) (599 KB)
WHDLoad (developers) (1.35 MB)

Since we last reported about WHDload some installers have been reworked:
  • Improved: "Untouchables" (Ocean) supports one more version, the installer got a complete rework
  • Update: "Street Racer" (Epic) access fault removed
  • Improved: "Conquests Of The Longbow" (Sierra) supports one more version
  • Flink CD≥≤ (Psygnosis) reworked, now uses the Kickstart emulation
(cg) (Translation: wk)

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