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Jens Langner (ANF)

YAM: Nightly Builds / Webdesigner wanted
As a new service every night at 2:00 CET there will compilations of the current development status of the email program YAM be made which are then available at for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS4 and MorphOS.

It is particularly stressed that due to the automatization the created files are untested completely and thus, do not need to run stable or run at all. Those files do not include manuals either and might require system compounds which are unavailable to the public yet. There is no warranty given, use the files on your own risk!

Errors of those binaries may be reported to the bug tracker. When reporting, please point out if you are using an official release or a nightly build.

Further information is to obtain by the title link.

Additional the YAMOS team is looking for someone who is interested in supporting this project by contribute some help during the new YAM homepage creation. The new site will base on a Wiki engine, more precisely on the Mediawiki framework which is used at Further on the page must work with all common Amiga browsers and have a unique Amiga look&feel.

The Wiki integration will be done by the YAMOS team, therefore it is only needed to provide a HTML page which can be used as basis for the integration. Furthermore graphics are required also. The new site should replace the current one at (snx) (Translation: ub)

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