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OnyxSoft mailing list

OnyxSoft: Updates for JoinSplitter and TheMPegEncGUI
The Swedish developer group OnyxSoft introduces Adam 'ChaOzer' Waldenberg who is an Amiga and now also MorphOS developer for many years as a new member. Additionally there are updates of the programs JoinSplitter and TheMPegEncGUI. Others are supposed to follow.

TheMPegEncGUI is a graphical user interface for the following MPEG-Audio-Encoders:
  • MusicIn (68k or PowerUP)
  • Pegase (68k or WarpOS)
  • Ncode (68k, PowerUP or WarpOS)
  • Lame (PowerUP or WarpOS)
  • BladeEnc - (68k or PowerUP)
  • MP3Enc (68k)
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • MPEGA (68k, PowerUP or WarpOS)
In version 2.41 now the rawbyteorder-function works. Besides this a bug has been cleared when putting back the estimated time of completion.

And here are the changes in version 1.16 of JoinSplitter which is a program that can split or join bigger files:
  • Worked around a bug in the GUI-engine which made the Splitter part crash under OS4
  • Reworked the gauges a little to be more sensitive to different window border sizes
  • Fixed a bug in one of the split modes if memory was running low. It would generate the wrong size for the splitted files
  • Fine-tuned the conversion between kilos (1024<->1000)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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