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Timo Kloss (ANF)

Midi-Sequencer Horny: Version 0.51 published
Here comes a new version of the midi-sequencer called Horny. Using the audio mixer you can now control up to six midi-controller (e.g. effect-sends) per channel. Thus the mixer has been completed.

Features in version 0.51:
  • Controlling up to 16 midi-ports via CAMD (lite: 1 port)
  • Up to 128 tracks (lite: 8 tracks)
  • Change of rhythm and time in the song possible
  • Piano-editor: Quantisizing, Velocity-compressor, ...
  • Controller-editor: Compressor, reducing, smoothing, ...
  • Midi-"mixer": VU-Meter, Volume, Pan, 6 further free controller-Potis
  • SysEx-management with lots of free sort groups
  • Sound-choice via names (not only GeneralMidi but for each synthesizer)
  • SMF-import and -export
  • Horny data format is up and down compatible
  • Autoload-project for self made patterns
  • ReAction-GUI for preferences windows
  • On Workbench or seperate screen
  • Window can be used as backdrop
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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