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XTeam Software: Diverse Amiga Games as Good as Done
XTeam has made it known that the Amiga versions of Virtual Ball Fighters SE (90% ready), Virtual Games Casino EX. (90%) and Digital Chess XAIBrain (80%) are mostly finished.

Before the products get their last polishing and the CDs go into production, XTeam would like to check the customer demand:
  • Virtual Ball Fighters SE (14.95 euros, incl. DVD case and PC version)
  • Virtual Games Casino EX. (9.95 euros, incl. DVD case and PC version)
  • Digital Chess XAIBrain (19.95 euros)

All of these games require a graphics card (640x480, 16 Bit), a CD-ROM drive, AHI, RTGMaster, at least a 68040 CPU and 8 MB FastRAM.

Whoever's interested in one of the titles, please send an e-mail to (cg) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 23. Sep. 2004, 22:19] [Comments: 1 - 04. Oct. 2004, 14:14]
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