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AmigaOS 4: New uploads at
These are the new uploads which have been added since our last mesage:
guidemlppc.lha          (108kb) AmigaGuide -> HTML converter with GUI for OS4
atari800.lha            (254kb) V2.1 of the Atari800 Emulator (OS4)
amishots.lha            (78kb)  AMIShots for Amiga. An Amiga clone of Webshots
snake.lha               (34kb)  Snake the desktop game for AmigaOS40,
m4-68k.tar.gz           (61kb)  m4 - Unix macro processor - 68k bin
m4-ppc.lha              (165kb) m4 - Unix macro processor - OS4 bin
m4-src.tar.gz           (326kb) m4 - Unix macro processor - src
loccounter.lha          (91kb)  Simple SLOC counter for C/C+
fpse.lha                (889kb) Playstation emulator
os4icons.lha            (89kb)  Some os3.9 style icons with 256 colors for os4
os1.3likepointeros4.lha (406b)  os1.3 style mouse pointer for OS4
pt-player-gui-1-2.lha   (43kb)  ProTracker GUI
sid4amigaos4.lha        (371kb) Sid4Amiga (Sid Player)
nrg2iso.lha             (41kb)  Converts .nrg images to .iso images
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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