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Software News Summary

Online CD Databank: FreeDB (Beta)

"FreeDB" is a graphic overlay for the Internet-based CD databank

Link: FreeDB Homepage
Direct download: freedb.lha (551 KB)

Report+ 6.12b

Die Freeware Report+ version 6.12b has been released. The tool is based on ReAction/GadTools, requires AmigaOS 3.9 and offers many different functions. For example you can make Aminet "readme" files with Report+, the Commodore bug reporting tool may be replaced with it, and the byte-count for any designation may be revealed. In the newest version a few mistakes have been taken care of.

Direct download: ReportPlus.lha (300 KB)

Worm Wars 8.21

"Worm Wars" is a Tron clone by James "Amigan" Jacobs (screenshot). Version 8.21 brings several optimizations and bugfixes.

Direct download: WormWars.lha (697 KB)

Hollywood game: SuperSoccer

"SuperSoccer" is a mini-game created with Hollywood.

Direct download: SuperSoccer.lha (970 KB) (cg) (Translation: dm)

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