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Software news

Instant messaging: AmigAIM 0.9453 (Beta)

A new beta version of the "AOL Instant Messaging" client AmigaAIM was released today. Changes since the last update:
  • Messages transmitted from AIM clients using UniCode would not display or log on AmigAIM. Handling modified so that messages using UniCode will be displayed, but any UniCode characters will be shown as '' (This problem was originally found when someone was attempting to use the Euro character transmitted from a PC client)
  • Added ">" to the Message parsing routine.

Link: Homepage
Download: Complete distribution (240 KB)
Download: New executable & manual (184 KB)

68060 "turbo" patch: SystemPatch 2.4

SystemPatch changes several OS routines to increase the performance on newer 68k CPUs. New in version 2.4:
  • Added SetRGB32() patch.
  • AllocRaster() allocs to MEMF_ANY instead of MEMF_FAST.
  • Finally done a better task exclusion system for AllocRaster().

Link: homepage
Download: SystemPatch2.lha (31 KB)

Online CD data base: FreeDB update

"FreeDB" is a graphical user interface for the Internet based CD data base

Link: homepage
Download: freedb.lha (417 KB)

MUI class: new version of TheBar.mcc

"TheBar" is a MUI class for button banks by Alfonso Ranieri (screenshot).

Link: homepage
Download: MCC_TheBar.lha (320 KB) (cg) (Translation: wk)

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