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MorphOS: Software news summary

Tcl, the Tool Command Language, V8.4.7 is now available as a MorphOS version. This simple interpreter script language contains all the main compounds of a programming language. Further information about Tcl is avaialble at its Wikipedia entry.

With the MorphOS version of the Log!cal clone XLogical Herbert Klackl has ported another SDL game again. The original Log!cal had been developed by Rainbow Arts for the Amiga. The game's aim is to move colored balls by turning of slingshot wheels as fast as possible to a given target (screen shot).

MEncoder, a conversion tool for media formats, is now available in V1.0pre3 for MorphOS.

PIP (Picture in picture, 647 KB), a tool by Attention Software to monitor other screens as thumbnail on the current screen, is now available as a 2nd beta version for MorphOS. Additional to the main function it`s possible to record a screen and, by using FFMPEG, create an MPEG movie from the recording.

As stated on Epic Interactive`s website for a while development on the MorphOS version of the game "Northland" is hold currently due to compiler problems. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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