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AmigaOS 4: Uploads at
The following uploads have been added since our last message at
timedserial.lha     dev/mis  54kb Timed Serial I/O routines
agg2sdk.lha         dev/lib 929kb Anti-Grain Geometry 2D Graphics C++ SDK
powermangaos4.lha   gam/act   7Mb Free SDL based 2D-Shooter
blobwarsaos4.lha    gam/pla  10Mb SDL plattformer (violent ;) )
smcloneaos4.lha     gam/pla   3Mb Super Mario Clone FX (SDL)
universe-zero.lha   dem/sce   5Mb Universe - Zero
autodocviewer.lha   dev/uti 175kb Autodoc viewer for OS4
stonamiga.lha       emu/com   2Mb Atari ST Emulator For Os4++
sge.lha             emu/uti  88kb SGE: The Spectrum Graphics Editor/Ripper 68k/PPC
starfighteraos4.lha gam/act   6Mb Project: Starfighter (SDL Shoot 'Em Up) *BUGFIX*
savvy.lha           net/sam 117kb smbfs Helper GUI
guidemlppc.lha      uti/tex 101kb AmigaGuide -> HTML converter with GUI for OS4
barrageaos4.lha     gam/act 904kb another free sdl based 2D-shooter
defendguin.lha      gam/act   3Mb A bidirect. scrolling space game based on Defender
lbreakout2.lha      gam/act   3Mb Free SDL-based Breakout clone
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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