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MorphOS: Software news in brief

MAME 0.88:
Fabien Coeurjoly has released version 0.88 (15 MB) of the multi arcade machine emulator with AHI support for MorphOS.

VirusKiller 0.9:
A shoot'em up game. The directories and files to defend are based on your actual hard disk. VirusKiller (2.6 MB) confrontates you with three different virus types.

Syntax parser for GoldED:
Dietmar Eilert has done a PPC native syntax parser (17 KB) for GoldED Studio AIX (editor and C/C++ IDE). The parser comes with syntax highlighting for C/C++, installer scripts, Lisp, BASIC, ARexx, Autodocs and makefiles. Please use the GoldED forum for feedback.

Marcin Kurek did a direct compile (1.2 MB) of the unchanged E-UAE 0.8.27-RC1 source code for MorphOS on request. The emulator hasn't been tested so far. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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