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Robin (ANF)

ARexx-Chatclient: MUIrc
Robin writes:

"MUIrc in version 0.5 is available for the publicity for the first :) This program is an IRC-/bitlbee-client which can communicate with several servers at the same time and displays it in one window.

Thank you very much to the - I hope I did not get on your nerves with my questions and my tests ;)

The program is not very comfortable. But it has only minimal requirements to the system. It requires:
  • MUI
  • Running ARexx
  • rxMUI, rmh.library, rxsocket.library, NList-mccs
  • Last but not least: A system with PNG-icon-support :)

MUIrc was tested and developed under MorphOS and WinUAE but it should also run under "proper" Amigas ;)" (cg) (Translation: dr)

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