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09.Dec.2004 Uploads Through 9th December, 2004
Here are the uploads at since our last notification:

amitorrent.lha         net/p2p 476kb AMITorrent - An Amiga BitTorrent clone
supermanppc.lha        uti/fil 157kb Show the user a directory of documents
statemachineppc.lha    dev/mis 408kb Generates Finite State Machine source code
ripmime.lha            net/ema 120kb ripMIME tool to decode MIME formatted messages
sambaprefs.lha         net/sam 167kb SambaPrefs
tooltypeseditorppc.lha uti/wor  72kb ToolTypes Editor program
limpidclock.lha        uti/wor  58kb transparent clock / calendar
xmame_old.lha          emu/gam  10Mb xMAME Port - old version,works with prerel. update
wet.lha                uti/wor 222kb Show weather conditions in WB titlebar (OS4)
tunenet.lha            aud/pla  92kb Basic Shoutcast and MP3 Player
blobwars.lha           gam/pla   8Mb SDL platform shoot'em up
blobwars_upd.lha       gam/pla 981kb SDL platform shoot'em up (Update 0.96.2 -> 0.98.1)
(cg) (Translation: dm)

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